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Pompeii / Herculaneum Ruins

To thirty kilometers from Massa Lubrense it is one of the most famous archaeological sites and most visited in the world. Only in Pompeii you can have the experience of walking through the streets of a city of two thousand years ago, between houses and shops, villas and temples. You can visit the forum and the market place, you can imagine the steam of the baths and the shouting of the games in the amphitheater. It is not so difficult to imagine life teeming in the streets of the town dominated by Mount Vesuvius, and even those who are not expert in archeology, here can smell the history.

Herculaneum is of Greek origin : the legend attributes of the foundation to Ercole . From the 500 to. C. was under the influence of Naples and of Cuma , therefore it passed to the Sanniti. Subjugated from Rome it became elegant center of stay for the patricians. Already in the 62 d. C . an earthquake had damaged numerous buildings; 17 years later, while it was being still in progress of his reconstruction, one dreadful eruption of the Vesuvius buried it with a sea of lava and mud. This last preserved the structures of it.
Unlike Pompeii, here wooden structures are preserved : therefore how much it has been brought to the light from long excavations it dresses again an exceptional interest to document uses, customs, habits and art of the Roman age. Sculptures, paintigs, vases and precious objects are now in the National Museum of Naples.

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